3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Residential Solar Installation

Solar Ready Solutions provides residential solar installation near ogden UT

June 13, 2022

Residential Solar

You want to join the sustainability revolution and add solar power to your home. Even though you have some experience with DIY solutions around the house, it’s good to consider a few variables before starting a residential solar installation project. Here are three elements of solar panel installation and use that you should think about before deciding to do it yourself.

1. Costs of Residential Solar Installation

In addition to reducing your reliance on fossil fuels, saving money on your power bill is a significant component of your plans to switch to solar power. Installing solar panels on your roof may save money, as you’ll avoid paying labor costs and any equipment mark-up.

On the other hand, you will expend your own time and labor to set up your solar power system, which may take much longer than a professional installation. At the same time, some rebates and tax incentives require a certificated company to conduct the installation. The loss of access to those incentives will cut into any savings you gained from doing it yourself.

You may also run into trouble if your panels are damaged or made a mistake in the installation; you’ll pay for repairs and fixes. Along the same lines, a trusted professional installer provides legitimate warranties for their products and workmanship to protect your installation from the start.

2. Techniques for Solar Panel Installation

Most residential solar systems require a connection to the local power grid unless they include a battery backup. Designed for powering RVs or off-the-grid locations without access to a utility service, DIY solar panels may not work in a typical residential area. Installing solar panels yourself to supplement your utility service might work, but replacing all of your power with solar means a professional should do the job.

While you may save money installing your solar panels, you won’t be paying for the expertise of a professional journeyman or master electrician with thousands of hours of experience. Professional electricians have significant experience working in complicated and potentially dangerous settings involving buried wires and complex wiring. They know how to maneuver on roofs and tight spaces to install electrical systems correctly and without accidents.

3. Use and Maintenance for the Long Term

Regular maintenance is key to continued efficiency and viability, as with any complex system. Trained electricians can evaluate the system they installed with a keener eye for changes and required updates. When you hire a reputable company to install your residential solar panels, you establish a relationship with them. If you run into issues, you can have peace of mind that the team the company sends knows your system and can quickly address your concerns.

Considering the short- and long-term costs and the peace of mind that comes with a professionally installed system, you may decide that it’s best to hire a trustworthy company to help you begin your sustainable power journey. Solar Ready Solutions, one of three solar panel installation companies in Salt Lake Valley, boasts an all-journeymen team of experts who will install your panels quickly and correctly. You can rest in the knowledge that your investment in solar panels will offer financial and environmental returns for years to come.