How Will Going Solar Benefit My Business?

Solar Ready Solutions provides residential solar installation near ogden UT

August 30, 2022

Commercial Solar

You may be familiar with the benefits of solar power for your home, but did you know that your business can also benefit from going solar? Commercial solar installation can give you many of the same benefits as residential solar but on a much larger scale. Solar Ready Solutions has helped businesses of all sizes in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona step into the future with our commercial solar system installation. If you’re wondering how a solar panel system can add value to your business, read on!

Lower Operating Costs

As a business owner, one of your goals is to keep operating costs as low as possible to generate a higher profit. By installing a solar system for your business, whether on your roof, building exterior or the ground, you can significantly decrease the amount of money spent on your electric bill. One study suggests that commercial properties that switch to solar can save up to 75% on energy costs. As a result, going solar also reduces your vulnerability to energy price fluctuations. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive a federal tax credit for your industrial solar installation. For systems installed in 2022, the federal government has allowed a 26% tax credit and a 22% tax credit for those installed in 2023.

More Energy Freedom

When your business relies primarily on conventional electricity, you (and your finances) are vulnerable to the whims of the power grid every day. All it takes is one strong storm or restriction due to an energy shortage and your business can’t operate until power is restored. By installing a solar system with a battery on your commercial property, you can eliminate this worry and protect yourself when the unexpected happens. If the whole neighborhood is out of power, you can keep the lights on and the revenue flowing in your business.

Responsible Business Practices

With the world focusing on environmentally-friendly practices increasingly more, it’s becoming more necessary for businesses to adapt to the times. Unlike typical energy sources, such as fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce any emissions and is completely renewable. It’s considered one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources and, let’s face it, it’s a good look for your business. More than just making it look like you care about the environment, going solar is one step your organization can take to positively impact the world for generations to come.

If you’re ready to upgrade your business with the power of solar energy but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We do! As leaders in the solar energy sector, Solar Ready Solutions has been providing business owners in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona with our excellent commercial solar installation service for years. We are 100% invested in every project we are entrusted with, handling design, construction, installation and everything in-between. Fill out our online contact form to request a quote or to get more information about our services. Our experienced team is ready to help bring your business into the future.