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Reducing how much electricity you use is an excellent way to make your carbon footprint smaller. What better way to do this than getting solar panels installed for your home in Nampa, ID? Residential solar panels from Solar Ready Solutions are a great way to help the environment and reduce the electricity that is used in your home. Solar Ready Solutions is a Knight Electric Company, which is a third-generation, family owned business, and we’ve gained an excellent reputation throughout our 57 years of service. We are an NABCEP certified company and we take solar panel installation seriously. You can count on Solar Ready Solutions.

Our main objective is quite simple. We want to supply the Nampa, ID community with clean, renewable energy at an affordable price. With Solar Ready Solutions’ finest customer service and high-grade products, you will get prompt service and excellent workmanship in the Nampa, ID area. You can help the environment while saving money at the same time, and this is what we want to provide you. Our professional technicians have serviced customers throughout Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. Let us update your Nampa, ID, home with solar panel installations.

Benefits of Residential Solar Panel Installation

There are many benefits to installing residential solar panels, but some of the more common ones include:

  • Saving Money – In many states, not just Idaho, installing residential solar panels can actually save you more than $100 a month on your utility bills. Look at the big picture now. In two decades, this could approximately be more than $30,000. The savings can be substantial.
  • Increasing Your Home’s Value – When you get solar panels installed for your home in Nampa, ID, they’re viewed as an upgrade and they’ll likely increase the value of your home. Many homebuyers are ready to pay for a solar home.
  • Long Lifetime – Solar panels have a long lifespan, and if they’re properly maintained throughout the years, they can last more than 20 years.
  • Great for the Environment – Solar panels are great for lessening your carbon footprint. With each kilowatt-hour of solar that is generated, greenhouse gasses are reduced. In a 20-year timeframe, a home with solar panels can negate 100,000 lbs. of CO2.

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Are you ready to upgrade your home, save on utility bills, and help the environment? You can do all of this at the same time and Solar Ready Solutions is here to help your home achieve this in Nampa, ID. Call us today at 844-212-4485 for residential solar panel installations.

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