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If you’re thinking about residential solar panel installation for your home in Salt Lake City, UT the experienced professionals at Solar Ready Solutions are ready to offer you affordable and efficient solar solutions. Solar Ready Solutions is a Knight Electric Company, which is a third generation, family-owned and operated business in Utah for over 57 years. It is our mission to offer residents in and near Salt Lake City professional and reliable residential solar panel installations.

Reliable Solar Panel Installation Company Servicing Salt Lake City, UT

Solar Ready Solutions is one of only three commercial SunPower dealers in Salt Lake City, UT. This is important because SunPower is one of the most powerful and efficient brands of solar panels on the market. Most brands of solar panels operate somewhere in the 14% to 18% efficiency range. SunPower panels are significantly more efficient, operating at between 16.5% and 22.8% efficiency. So, as one of the few commercial dealers for SunPower in the Salt Lake Valley, we can offer the best brands of solar panels at an affordable price.

The Solar Panel Installation Process

Purchasing solar panels for your home in Salt Lake City, UT can seem like a nerve-wracking, long process. At Solar Ready Solutions, we make the process easy for you by walking you through each step.

  • Step One: Contact us online or at 844-212-4485, and we’ll contact you and go over some general information about your home and some of your utility bills. Then, we’ll go over any federal incentives that you may qualify for and solar financing options.
  • Step Two: One of the professional solar panel installers from Solar Ready Solutions will come to your home to evaluate for the type, placement and needed parts for your customized solar system. Your installer will also go over cost, financing options, warranties, and maintenance plans.
  • Step Three: This is the fun part for your solar installers, where they get to engineer the perfect design for your home that will not only provide your home with the right amount of power, but won’t detract from the aesthetics of your property. Our professional engineers only design plans that are according to code for Salt Lake City.
  • Step Four: When it’s time for installation, your solar panels and related equipment will be mounted to the chosen locations. This is usually a quick process but will vary on the number of days according to how large and/or complex your custom installation will be.
  • Step Five: After installation is complete, each city/county will require a final inspection and requirements met before granting a permit. This part of the process will work according to Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County’s schedule. After you receive your permit, your solar panels will be connected to the grid, and with all approvals in-hand, your solar technician can flip the switch and you’re using solar power!

Other Types of Solar Panel Installations

In addition to residential solar panel installations, Solar Ready Solutions can also design and install commercial and agricultural solar panel solutions. Renewable energy can be ideal for both businesses in the city as well as agricultural businesses. Harnessing the power of the sun reduces the dependence on oil and gas companies, giving your business more freedom to run as it needs as well as helping to lessen your carbon footprint.

What are the Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation in Salt Lake City?

Converting your home in Salt Lake City from traditional power to solar power has different benefits for both your financial and physical wellbeing. Some of the personal benefits for a solar panel installation in Salt Lake City include:

  • Solar panels increase the value of your home
  • Reduced utility bills: Solar power can get rid of or nearly eliminate your need for electricity
  • You can earn money back on your investment. In fact, some solar panel setups are able to earn money back by selling power to the city.
  • There are some tax breaks available for customers who choose to convert to solar power.
  • The cost for solar power installation has been reduced by nearly 70%, mostly due to advancements in design in both solar panels and solar batteries. Solar is now more affordable than ever!

In addition to the monetary benefits of switching to solar power, there are also benefits for the environment. Some of those benefits would be:

  • Solar power is a clean, completely renewable energy source.
  • Your need for fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas will be diminished, so your contribution to global warming will be reduced. In fact, an average two-person household can reduce their carbon emissions by up to four tons annually! More SLC solar panel installations could make a huge change on the carbon emissions and pollution in the Salt Lake Valley.

Consider switching your main power source at home to solar and benefit both yourself and the environment. Solar Ready Solutions is here to make that transition as easy as possible, so give us a call today.

Solar Panel Maintenance

In addition to providing excellent solar panel installation services to residents both in and near Salt Lake City, UT we also provide solar panel maintenance and repair services. Solar Ready Solutions offers regular  maintenance services to help keep your solar panels operating at optimum level. Our 10-point inspection and Solar PV troubleshooting and repair will keep your power level up and extend the life or your solar panels.

Contact Solar Ready Solutions Today for SLC Solar Panel Installation!

If you’re ready to switch to solar energy, look no further than Solar Ready Solutions. We offer affordable, high-end solar panel installation services to the residents in and near Salt Lake City, UT. We understand that the initial expense for SLC solar panel installation can be high, so we offer financing options through several different companies. Our goal is to make it easy to it easy for homeowners to adopt clean, renewable energy, without a large investment or significant disruption to their lives. Contact us today at 844-212-4485 or online for a professional consultation on how we can upgrade your home with residential solar panel installation in Salt Lake City, UT.

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